This is a listing of Hugh’s stage, film, radio and television credits as I know them. Corrections are welcomed. For more details, including some quotes from reviews, follow the links in the listings below.

The Cellar Tapes, Theatre at New End, Hampstead, 1981
Beyond the Footlights, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 1982
Comic Relief benefit concerts 1986, 1997
The Secret Policeman’s Third Ball, 1987
Hysteria! 1,2,3,1987, 1989, 1991
Gasping (as Philip), Theatre Royal, Haymarket, 1990

Film Hugh in Sense & Sensibility

Plenty (as Michael), 1986
Strapless (as Colin), 1990
Peter’s Friends (as Roger), 1992
A Pin for the Butterfly, (as Uncle), 1994
Sense and Sensibility (as Mr. Palmer), 1995
101 Dalmatians, (as Jasper), 1996
The Borrowers, as Officer Steady, 1997
Spiceworld: The Movie, 1997 (as “Poirot”)
Cousin Bette (as Baron Hulot), 1998
The Man in the Iron Mask, 1998 (cameo)
Stuart Little, 1999
Maybe Baby, 2000
Stuart Little 2, 2002
Girl from Rio, 2002
Flight of the Phoenix, 2004 (as Ian)


Friday Night Fry, 1988
In the Chair, as Prime Minister Kenny Ball, 1998
Reader,Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, by Jerome K. Jerome, 1999

Television Hugh as Lt. George

Alfresco, 1982-83
Blackadder II, 1985 (“Beer,”as Simon Partridge,
and “Chains,”as Prince Ludwig)
South of Watford, 1986-87 (presenter)
Saturday Live, 1986-87
Blackadder the Third, 1987(as Prince George)
A Bit of Fry & Laurie, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1995
Friday Night Live, 1988
Jeeves and Wooster, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 (as Bertie Wooster)
Blackadder Goes Forth, 1989 (as Lt. the Honourable George
Colthurst St. Barleigh)
Look At the State We’re In!, 1995 (” Status Quo ” episode;
“Local Government” episode)
Blackadder Back and Forth, 2000
Fortysomething, 2003
House, as Dr. Gregory House, 2004-

Single Shows, Specials and Miniseries

Letters from a Bomber Pilot, 1985 (as Bob Hodgson)
Up Line, 1987
Mrs. Capper’s Birthday
Blickling Hall (narrator)
Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, 1988 (as Prince George and Lord Pigmot)
The Laughing Prisoner, 1993
All or Nothing at All, 1993 (as Leo Hopkins)
Wildlife Showcase: “The Fly – An Everyday Monster”(as Narrator)
Unspeakable Verse, 1995 (Reader)
The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything, 1999
VictoriaWood with All the Trimmings (2000);
Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows, as Vincente Minnelli, 2001
Spooks aka MI-5, as Jools Siviter, 2002 (“The Rose Bed Memoirs” and “Traitor’s Gate” episodes)
The Young Visiters, as Lord Bernard, 2003
Comedy and Variety Specials

Royal Variety Performance, 1987
Night of Comic Relief, 1988, 1989
Fry and Laurie Host a Christmas Night with the Stars, 1994
Comic Relief Goes to the Movies, 1997
Shooting Stars Christmas Special (2002)
Guest Appearances

The Young Ones, 1984 (Lord Monty, “Bambi” episode)
Filthy, Rich and Catflap(“Ooer, Sounds a Bit Rude” episode)
Girls on Top, 1986 (“Big Snogs” episode)
First AIDS, 1987; The 39,000 Steps, 1988;
The New Statesman, 1989 (“The Haltemprice Bunker” episode)
Terry Wogan, 1990, 1991; James Randi: Psychic Investigator: Astrology, 1991
Morecambe and Wise: Bring Me Sunshine, 1994
Tracey Takes On…Royalty and Death, 1995;
Murder Most Horrid, 1996 (Jerry Bryce,”The Body Politic” episode)
Clive James Show, 1996; Clive Anderson All Talk, 1996; Countdown: The 2000th Edition, 1997;
The Bill, 1998 (“Good Faith” episode)
Friends (“The One with Ross’s Wedding”), 1998;
Parkinson, 1998; Best of British-Ben Elton, 1999

As Writer

Hugh on A Bit of Fry & Laurie
Alfresco, 1982-83
The Crystal Cube, 1983
Saturday Live, 1986-87
Friday Night Live, 1988
A Bit of Fry & Laurie, 1987-95
Straight Talking, 1991
The Laughing Prisoner, 1993

As Director

Look at the State We’re In! – “Status Quo” episode